Do You Have Any Festive Home Improvements Planned?

You might well think with all the hustle and bustle of planning for Christmas that people simply won’t have the time for home improvements this month – but it seems that there are many of you out there planning a few renovation projects at the moment.

New research from AA Financial Services has just revealed that 49 per cent of homeowners are planning a project before December 25th, with the most popular home improvements found to be last-minute decorating, landscaping projects and upgrading the kitchen.

If you do have plans in place to update your culinary space, get in touch with Cambridge bespoke kitchens company Arthan Home Furniture to see how we can help!

Of course, with just a few weeks to go before the big day, it might be worth putting off your festive kitchen project until the new year, especially if you’re planning on hosting a big party over the Christmas period. How will you cook the turkey if your kitchen is out of commission?

But once January rolls around, there’s nothing stopping you from getting the kitchen sorted out – and what better way to welcome in a new year than by giving your home a bit of a makeover?

Figures from Virgin Money suggest that you can add up to six per cent to the value of your home by updating the kitchen, which is about £13,000 on an average-priced property… so you see it can certainly be worth doing! And given that it can cost thousands to move house, it might be a better idea to renovate than relocate in 2019.